I used Alumilite White Amazing Casting Resin, which (crazily) cures in minutes. My first batch freaked me out because it cured in the cup. While experimenting I wasted quite a bit.

It comes in two parts, hardener and resin. Mix equal parts in a cup. I didn't add any colorant or paint like in because it cures white. 

I would recommend doing very small batches. I found that mixing enough resin to fill the mold was even too much--- it would cure before I was finished pouring! (Crazy.)

You can see that it cured too quickly here:




Please be in a well-ventilated room and wear gloves.

Before mixing my resin, I added the gold flakes to the mold. Set aside.

Mix your resin according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Quickly pour into the mold.

you can see it already starting to cure/harden here!

you can see it already starting to cure/harden here!


Once cured, they will pop right out.


Trim and sand your letters.


Attach a stud blank with glue to the back.


I love the white with the gold!

You can also skip the step with the stud needles and put the letters on bobby pins or pinbacks, etc.