As much as I love real crystals and gems, these are pretty fun also.


  • Resin (I'm using EasyCast, which I purchased at Michaels)
  • A mold. This gem mold is from Mod Podge which I also found at Michaels.
  • Paint (I'm using different craft acrylic paints)
  • Silver or Gold leaf
  • Something to stir & mix your resin. I'm using wooden chopsticks.
  • Gloves
  • Mixing cups (I'm using cheapie clear cups)

First off, be safe. Be in a well ventilated room.


Resin comes in two parts: resin + hardener. Mix your resin according to the directions. Make sure to scrape the sides to mix also.

I added drops of paint to individual cups of resin.


You can either add the leaf directly to your resin mixtures in the cups or spread it over your mold. The pouring-into-the-cup method is less messy. 

Pour the resin into the molds. I mixed a couple colors together.


To prevent air bubbles, pour slowly. If they appear, you can use a hairdryer (heat) to 'pop' them. Be careful.

Leave alone to dry for at least a day. There are different curing times, so read your resin instructions. Don't be tempted to touch it! Resin will pick up fingerprints.

Once dry, they will pop right off!


The EasyCast lasted me for about five different batches of gems.

Trim the excess resin.


You can also take sandpaper and buff the edges under water due to the dust.



Use them like cabochons or drill holes in them to make pendants.