• Tassels /Embroidery Thread / Trimming / Yarn etc. I'm using pre-made tassels.
  • A short length of wire
  • A charm
  • Fishbone chain
  • Earrings hooks
  • Jumprings

I took apart my tassel.


I'm using 10 strands for each tassel.


I'm using fairly large jump rings. Whatever density you choose needs to be able to fit within the jump ring.

untitled folder 8.jpg

Center your strands in the middle of the length of wire. Pinch the two ends together.

Slide a jump ring down the wire over the strands.

untitled folder 82.jpg

I slid a second jump ring one. If you find your jump ring to be too small, you can take a second piece of wire and wrap it along the strands instead.

Take a jumpring and add your charm to it.

untitled folder 83.jpg

Remove the wire.

Take your jump ring with the charm and slide it through where the wire was (through your tassel hole.)

Do not close the ring.

untitled folder 84.jpg

Connect it to your chain.


Add a jump ring to your hook and connect the two parts together.

untitled folder 85.jpg

Trim the excess to whatever length you wish!